I’ve been meaning to put these on my website for ages. For those who enjoyed The Lumatere Chronicles and never got around to finding the short story, “Ferragost”…

…and “When Rosie Met Jim” which ended up being the first chapter of Jimmy Hailler’s book, (The Place on Dalhousie), here they are.

It’s a quarantine gift from me.

How have you been spending your quarantine? I’ve gone back to reading every night; watching Schitt’s Creek and understanding what the big fuss is about; plotting a TV series via video conferencing, and writing a film script. I have to believe that little stories about the universal experience have a place in our world. I handed in the fourth of my Zola series and am cheered up every time I see Deb Hudson’s illustrations.

I’ve been going for walks with my daughter and our dog; organising a Zoom talent quest for 8 year olds; watching Amy Schumer videos of New Yorkers cheering from their apartments for their health workers; trying very hard not to let home schooling drive me to drink while being reminded that school and her teacher mean so much to B. Most of all, feeling grateful for so many things and knowing that this has brought out the best in us.

5 thoughts on “Quarantine

  1. Anna

    Thank you! I love the picture you’ve painted of Ferragost. It would be so much fun to follow Celie around some more. I miss that world (guess it’s time for another re-read)!

  2. Angie

    Absolutely LOVED Ferragost! Reading is my self care during this pandemic and your novels are the most lovely companions. I’m eagerly awaiting more of Celie’s tales!

  3. Ari

    I was just thinking of Lumatere. Of that conversation between Froi and Gargarin about bonds and the fact that what you do for strangers counts more in the end. I think we all need to be kinder these days. *sigh*

    You know… I was supposed to be in Australia right now… feeling closer to the stories I hold so dear in my heart. Hopefully I’ll get another chance. 🙂

    Sending hugs across oceans and continents. Keep safe!

    PS: I can’t wait for those illustrated books.

  4. katmein

    Thank you, Melina! I am a healthcare worker in a part of the world that is still in the calm before the storm, so I read through the Lumatere Chronicles again last week. The story of hope, strength, and unity, even in the midst of trials and fear, was exactly what I needed in this time. There’s a reason I turn to your books over and over. Thank you for putting these works of art out into the world. Wishing you and your loved ones well.

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