The Place on Dalhousie


(Release date March 2019)

‘You look the type to break your father’s heart.’
‘Yeah, but he broke mine first.’

When Rosie Gennaro first meets Jimmy Hailler, she has walked away from life in Sydney, leaving behind the place on Dalhousie that her father, Seb, painstakingly rebuilt for his family but never saw completed. Two years later, Rosie returns to the house and living there is Martha, whom Seb Gennaro married less than a year after the death of Rosie’s mother. Martha is struggling to fulfil Seb’s dream, while Rosie is coming to terms with new responsibilities. And so begins a stand-off between two women who refuse to move out of the home they both lay claim to.

As the battle lines are drawn, Jimmy Hailler re-enters Rosie’s life. Having always watched other families from the perimeters, he’s now grappling, heartbreakingly, with forming one of his own . . .

An unforgettable story about losing love and finding love; about the interconnectedness of lives and the true nature of belonging, from one of our most acclaimed writers.

(From Penguin Random House website)

Yes, it’s been such a long time but I promise it’s because I’ve put my head down and written a novel.  It has a release date next March and a new title, The Place on Dalhousie, but it’s still about Martha and Rosie and Jimmy.  Don’t ever ask me who I love best, because I love them all.

Here’s a bit of what goes on in their heads.

Martha wonders when kindness becomes an aphrodisiac.


She places her head on his chest and stays there and Jimmy knows he loves her. Is frightened to say it because he’s scared the words will come out lame.


The woman in the interview asked Rosie why she was interested in working with old people. Someone as young as her. Because no one in her family except for Nonna Eugenia got to grow old.

My daughter was given the wonderful Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls for Christmas and I spent the rest of the holidays searching for more books about real girls that we could read together, including Malala’s Magic Pencil and Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World.

So I was chuffed beyond words to receive A Shout Out To The Girls in the mail and found myself featured inside its glorious pages with 49 other Australian women.  As mentioned in the review below, all royalties go to The Smith Family. A big shout out to Zoe Caracatsanoudis who illustrated the image of me.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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What a fantastic book to add to your “Mighty Girl” collection! Covering a diverse selection of outstanding women from diverse fields of achievement and endeavor, this is a worthy addition to any primary or lower secondary collection. The layout is particularly attractive with a palette of gorgeous colours and each subject with a ‘shout out’ to the person and the reason, a quote that relates followed by a double spread page of information and facing portrait….This is a really beautiful book to savour and  conveys so much positivity to readers about the limitless potential of women to succeed.  As well all proceeds from royalties go to the Smith Family which is a terrific initiative.(Just So Stories blog)


The House That Seb Built

Three years after his death, Rosie Gennaro returns to the house her father painstakingly built but never saw completed.  Living there is Martha, who Seb married less than a year after the death of Rosie’s mother. And so begins a stand off between two women who refuse to move out of a home they both lay claim to. As the battle lines are drawn and their worlds can’t help colliding, Jimmy Hailler re-enters Rosie’s life.  Having always watched on from the perimeters, he’s now grappling with the responsibility of being a father.

Four lives. One house. And not enough room for everyone’s baggage.



Generation Women

I’ll be one of the speakers at Generation Women on Monday night, so if you’re in Sydney, come along.

“At this unique, cross-generational storytelling night, six women of note are invited to read an original piece on a theme. Of those women, one is in her 20s, her 30s, her 40s, her 50s, her 60s and her 70s. The theme for the inaugural show is “My First Time Saying No!”. Boasting an all-star line-up of Sydney’s best and brightest women, this special night will be one for the ages!”
11 December 2017
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Giant Dwarf Theatre

199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, 2016, Australia



Apart from the release of the Tell the Truth, Shame the devil paperback in the US this month (press release below) I’ve been working on my new novel, The House That Seb Built (working title).  Some of you read my short story When Rosie met Jim which was published online by the Review of Australian fiction, and know that it will serve as the first chapter. I’m hoping to have the novel finished before the end of the year.

I’ve said a thousand times over that the novel isn’t about the Saving Francesca/Piper’s Son gang and that readers will be disappointed if they expect to see more than a glimpse of them. It’s mostly about Rosie and Martha and Jimmy and a whole cast of new characters.  But his friends are present in Jimmy’s life, so I thought I’d share with you his opening chapter.

He’s home, and he knows his home because they’re here and that’s the way it is, just the certainty that one of them will always be around, and it feels like everything’s going to be okay in a way that it hasn’t since that phone call, and he’s just hugging the three of them because he’s become the sort of person who goes straight for the clinch, because once that hug came from Frankie Spinelli years ago, he knew his days of holding back were over. And everything looks the same and different, and he has one of those epiphanies in front of the clocks outside Central on Elizabeth Street next to a guy selling The Big Issue. That regardless of where his car took him and what he didn’t end up finding, he’s part of this city too and he realizes that they’re laughing and that he’s said it all out loud.

‘Shut up, Jimmy!’

And the girls link their arms with his and Mackee takes Jimmy’s duffel, and he’s so overwhelmed by them, and the city, and being home, that he forgets why he’s really here, and just lets it all set in. That he’s home.

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Josie Alibrandi, Christina Alibrandi, Katia Alibrandi, Jacob Coote, Michael Andretti, Sera, Anna, Lee, Ivy Lloyd, Francesca Spinelli, Mia Spinelli, Bobby Spinelli, Luca Spinelli, Will Trombal, Tara Finke, Thomas Mackee, Justine Kalinsky, Siobhan Sullivan, Eva Rodriguez, Anna Nguyen, Shaheen, Javier, Taylor Markham, Raffy, Jonah Griggs, Chaz Santangelo, Hannah, Jude, Jessa McKenzie, Santangelo’s mum, Santangelo’s dad, Dom Mackee, Jacinta Mackee, Annabel Mackee, Bill Mackee, Grace Mackee, Georgie Finch, Sam Thompson, Ned the Cook, Mohsin the Ignorer, Violette Lebrac and any of my other characters living in Australia, would all vote for Marriage Equality and would make sure they were registered for the postal vote and have all their details updated by midnight tonight.