The Piper’s Son

Thomas Mackee wants oblivion. Wants to forget parents who leave and friends he used to care about and a string of one-night stands, and favourite uncles being blown to smithereens on their way to work on the other side of the world.

But when his flatmates turn him out of the house, Tom moves in with his single, pregnant aunt, Georgie. And starts working at the Union pub with his former friends. And winds up living with his grieving father again. And remembers how he abandoned Tara Finke two years ago, after his uncle’s death.

And in a year when everything’s broken, Tom realises that his family and friends need him to help put the pieces back together as much as he needs them.

Longlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award

Shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Award

Shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s LIterary Award

Shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award


“While it is a sequel to the brilliant Saving Francesca, The Piper’s Son works as a stand-alone book. Indeed it’s a story so full of heart – sorrowful, but warm and funny – it won’t be easy to forget.”Angie Schiavone, The Sydney Morning Herald. The Piper’s Son left me breathless with heart pounding — it is a beautifully written love song about the flaws and strengths of family and the long journey of grief, about the love and laughter and disappointments that tie people together’

.A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy blog “

Tom’s voice is utterly convincing and it’s a satisfying experience to watch Marchetta take a broken fragmented and frequently unlikable character and piece him back together, word by word…Outstanding fiction.’The Sunday Age”For all their talk of broken homes and migrant families, Marchetta’s novels are fantasies of community and belonging.”

The Weekend Australian

This story with its cast of rounded, beautifully crafted characters and dialogue shining with humor, pathos, and a vital spark, makes for a fiercely emotional and entertaining read.”

Bookseller and Publisher

“The characters are amazing. Flawed, realistic and loveable. I admit after reading Saving Francesca I had a bit of a crush on Thomas Mackee and this book didn’t help with that.

Nic from Irresistible Reads  blog