The Zola Series

This year I started writing the Zola Series. They’re chapter books for 5-7 year olds and What Zola Did on Monday comes out next June 2020. Here’s the blurb from Penguin Random House’s website.

Zola loves living on Boomerang Street with her mum and her nonna. Every day of the week is an adventure. But Zola has a problem. No matter how much she tries, she can’t keep out of trouble!

Seven stories in the series – one for every day of the week. From the bestselling author of Looking for Alibrandi.

6 thoughts on “The Zola Series

  1. Sarah Schmidt

    I am Emily. I am 7 years old and Mum is helping me write to you. Thank you for writing the Zola books. I have read each book on the same day as the title. I waited a long time for What Zola Did on Sunday and I wish there were more days in the week.
    Have you planned to write any more Zola books? I have a suggestion. Maybe there could be Zola books about special events, seasons or months of the year. Please keep writing books for children to read. I think you are a great author. Love Emily.

  2. Gwen Kneebone

    We now have the first 3 books purchased from Brunswick Bound in, guess where, Brunswick of course!They loop me in when theres a new one I hope after Zola on Sunday you get a day of rest. thanks again Gwendalyn Kneebone

  3. melina marchetta Post author

    Ellie, not in the works, but in my heart. Anna and Gwendalyn, that makes me so happy to hear. I’m sure you’ve heard I have my own reluctant reader and I wrote them for her. If you can, Gwendalyn, can you send me a photo of her dressed up for book week on

  4. Gwendalyn Kneeebone

    Gwendalyn Kneebone 17.10.2020
    Thanks for zola .My little struggling reader had begun to complain about being given BABY books so good on you for bringing it home .She is being Zola for book week so will be original among the predictable choices.. Her brother will be Artemis Fowl.

  5. Anna Kattwinkel

    Hi Melina,
    Thank you for writing this wonderful series. My seven year old daughter recently chose What Lola Did On Monday when we were shopping at our favourite book shop, The Book Bird, and I have loved listening to her read a chapter every night before bed. It’s wonderful for her to read Australian stories that celebrate the multicultural life that we live here. Thank you for brightening up our lockdown! We are looking forward to reading what Lola does for the rest of the week ☺️
    Anna X

  6. Ellie

    Hi Melina! I’m stranded at home, like everyone, and have been ruminating over all the books I am excited to read. And these thoughts keep bringing me back to Lady Celie. Is a sequel to Ferragost still in the future?
    Happy Spring,

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