Dalhousie: 8th April 2019

I’m going to try not to use the word “overwhelmed” too many times, but I have been overwhelmed indeed this week. So much love. I always knew that my readership would take this novel out into the world and I have loved every moment of talking about it with them.

And of course, getting off a plane and seeing the image below was pretty impressive.

If you are in Canberra tomorrow (Tuesday) I’ll be speaking at Muse with the very funny and talented Sean Costello at 5.30, so come down for a drink.

I’ve also been part of smart podcasts and interviews, so I’ll add them here when I have the time.

Today I spoke with Claire Nichols on Radio National’s Book Show and loved it. Here it is.

5 thoughts on “Dalhousie: 8th April 2019

  1. Bri

    Melina !

    Do you think you’ll be coming to NYC in the states for a book tour anytime soon?

  2. Bookish Bron

    Thank-you so much for coming to Canberra! It was an absolute delight to hear you talk about The Place on Dalhousie, and to chat with you afterwards!

  3. Karolina

    Hi Melina! I’m so excited to read The Place on Dalhousie but I live in Sweden and can’t find the book available for purchase anywhere. Is there a later release date planned for the international market?

  4. Diana Lollato

    Hi Marlena

    I am so glad to hear of your great success story.
    You are amazing!
    If you are ever in Brisbane let me know
    Diana Lollato x

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