Books giveaway for Melbourne residents

If you live anywhere in Melbourne and are dealing with Stage 4 restrictions, I have eight gift packs of The Lumatere Chronicles to send out to you, which includes Finnikin of the Rock, Froi of the Exiles, Quintana of Charyn in each pack.

Send your postal details to my email address (It’s on my contact page).

You have until noon tomorrow (Wednesday). If I get more than eight requests, I’ll pick names out of a hat. (Not first in, best dressed)

Take care.

6 thoughts on “Books giveaway for Melbourne residents

  1. Anna Gregg

    Hi Melina, The Lumatere Chronicles are my husband and my favourite books. We re read them every few years. I have just finished my 4th reading and looking for more (hint hint would love another story set later?) and noticed you had written a short story ‘Farragost’. However I am not able to find it anywhere and the website that it was supposed to be available from, is no longer. Can you please tell me where I might be able to read it. Thanks

  2. Rae

    Would you mind deleting my above comment? I didn’t know my entire name would appear. Thank you!!

  3. yousrareads

    Melbourne residents are so lucky! May I ask if you’ll ever consider a continuation to the story following the events that occured in Quintana of Charyn? I love this trilogy so much!

  4. Melissa Rae Davis

    Hi Melina, I live in California and love your books. I’ve made my way through most of them. Jellicoe is my favorite and so beautifully written.

    Since I’ve read and reread your books, I’m wondering if you have any other books that you’ve read that you recommend?

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