The Place on Dalhousie

First things first, Happy New Year!

Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Release date of The Place on Dalhousie is 1st of April.

In Australian, it can be purchased at most bookstores and online.  There’ll also be an audio book coming out on the same day.

If you live outside Australia, you can pre-order the novel from The Book Depository.

Below I have extracts.  Don’t ask me to chose which of the three characters I love best, because I have equal love for all.


On the way home, her phone beeps a message and her heart leaps for an instant and it’s how she knows. It’s a Pavlov’s dog thing. The only person who texts her is SES Jesus so the instant euphoria at the sound of the buzz spells trouble. He’s texted her once or twice during the week. Wants to know how Toto’s doing, so she sends a photo. Wants to know how she’s doing. You okay? Rosie’s trying to have a guy-free year just to prove to herself that she can. She’s surprised that she misses talking most of all because she didn’t date many guys who were chatty. But he was. Not as much anymore. She decides not to respond to texts asking how she is, because then Rosie’ll end up sleeping with this guy and him being Toto’s father is tricky. She can’t go around screwing up.


He’s home, and he knows he’s home because they’re here and that’s the way it is, just the certainty that one of them will always be around, and it feels like everything’s going to be okay in a way that it hasn’t since that phone call, and he’s hugging the three of them because he’s become the sort of person who goes straight for the clinch, because once that hug came from Frankie Spinelli years ago he knew his days of holding back were over. And everything looks the same and different, and he has one of those epiphanies in front of the clocks outside Central on Elizabeth Street next to a guy selling The Big Issue. That regardless of where his car took him and what he didn’t end up finding, he’s part of this city too and he realises that they’re all laughing and that he’s said it all out loud.

‘Shut up, Jimmy!’

And the girls link their arms with his and Mackee takes Jimmy’s duffel, and he’s so overwhelmed by them, and the city, and being home, that he forgets why he’s really here, and just lets it all settle in.

That he’s home.


Martha’s just got cable. She’s catching up on every movie she’s missed since marrying Seb and losing him. That covers six years and anything made since 2005. Last week she was engrossed in the Sex and the City movie, which did inspire her to go from blonde to brunette because the change of hair colour seemed to work a treat in the film. And she found herself watching it over and over again, just to get to the part where Carrie Bradshaw compares the loss of the unreliable Big, who stands her up at the altar, with the death of a loved one. Not even close, Carrie. Because men who stand you up at the altar still get to walk back into your life a year later holding a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Dead ones stay dead. This week she’s moved on to the foreign films. She’s given up on the French masterpiece Hidden, because the meaning of it was too hidden, so now she’s onto a Romanian one.


8 thoughts on “The Place on Dalhousie

  1. vitaf15

    Wonderful news and wonderful writing! Can’t wait to meet up with the old gang again from Saving Francesca and The Piper’s Son…

  2. Cate

    Will you be doing any author talks around Australia? If so, please come to Adelaide!!

  3. Meghan

    Can’t wait to read it! Do you know if it will be released in the US too?

  4. Jackie Lea Sommers

    Reblogged this on JACKIE LEA SOMMERS and commented:

  5. Danielle Binks

    I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I read those chapters – and before, when we first met everyone in ‘Saving Francesca’ and found them again in ‘The Piper’s Son’.

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