Yes, it’s been such a long time but I promise it’s because I’ve put my head down and written a novel.  It has a release date next March and a new title, The Place on Dalhousie, but it’s still about Martha and Rosie and Jimmy.  Don’t ever ask me who I love best, because I love them all.

Here’s a bit of what goes on in their heads.

Martha wonders when kindness becomes an aphrodisiac.


She places her head on his chest and stays there and Jimmy knows he loves her. Is frightened to say it because he’s scared the words will come out lame.


The woman in the interview asked Rosie why she was interested in working with old people. Someone as young as her. Because no one in her family except for Nonna Eugenia got to grow old.

7 thoughts on “

  1. Eamer

    I love your novels Melina!!
    How is it going for On the jellicoe road becoming a movie?

  2. Catherine

    Can’t wait for this book, bloody excited!!!
    But Im wondering about the progress of On The Jelicoe Road movie?

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