Family History Talk, 16th August

the italian flag painted on the wall

Event date: Wednesday 16 August 2017
Event Time:    7.00 pm
Event Venue:  Main Auditorium, the Italian Forum Cultural Centre, Ground floor, 23 Norton Street. Leichhardt NSW 2040

Please arrive 15 minutes early
Event being filmed
Entry Fee $5

3 thoughts on “Family History Talk, 16th August

  1. Paola Patti

    Will the video of this be available to watch online at some point? I would have loved to come but I wasn’t able to make it in time.

  2. Ananya Bhatnagar

    I always say you are the best writer when it comes to writing about dysfunctional families where love is still there even after they have fallen apart more than once.
    Cannot wait for Jimmy’s book. Wish I’m able to attend your event someday.

  3. oblyviate

    it makes perfect sense to me that Francesca would work with genealogy – with tracing people,knowing who they are from knowing where they belong. Thank you for that puzzle piece!

    Wish I could come to this event, but if its being filmed I’d love to hear more about it down the line.

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