Melbourne Writers Festival

Just received this photo. Hot off the press.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the paper flesh.

And of course the blurb from Markus, which still makes me teary.

I will share some of the other wonderful blurbs when the US edition is in my hands.




Below are my Melbourne Writers Festival events.

I will be adding Brisbane Writers Festival dates when the  program is released this weekend, as well as some other talks I’ll be doing around NSW.

I’ll also be speaking in New York so will be adding that information in the next couple of weeks.

Melbourne Writer’s Festival

Sunday 28th August, 1pm

Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil – in conversation with Nikki Anderson

Sunday 28th August, 5pm

Doncaster Library

Monday 29th August, 11.15am

Alice Pung and Melina Marchetta in conversation with Nikki Anderson

For booking details click here.

Tickets on sale Friday 22nd July.





4 thoughts on “Melbourne Writers Festival

  1. Nashrah

    Please do a Melbourne trip in 2017 as I’ll be moving there in a few months. Any updates on the jellicoe movie?

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