A whole lot of Misc to start 2016

Firstly, Happy New Year.

The paperback edition of The Piper’s Son comes out in Australia today. If anyone is interested, during January, I’ll respond to any burning questions you’ve ever had about the novel in the comments section.

TPSON_B format_FCA

Except the Jimmy Hailler question, which I’ll address now.

No, I’m not currently writing a Jimmy Hailler book. But it may seem as if I am.  If you are inclined to read my next novel due out in September  (more of that down below) then the prologue will present you with two Jimmys. Netiher is Jimmy Hailler.

I know. How cruel. Didn’t do it on purpose. Wasn’t thinking. Tried to change their names, but once you name those characters, it’s really hard to change much about them.

In saying the above, a Jimmy Hailler novel does exist in my head and has for a while. It’s a four-hander and he’s one of the narrators. I’ve said it before,  I know a bit about him. He’s the first out of the “Francesca” gang to procreate, accidently. It’ll be an adult novel because Jimmy’s now in his mid twenties and two of the other main narrators are my age (young in spirit but greying slightly). I’ve actually written about one of the characters, Mattie, in a short story called “The Centre” for the 2013 anthology “Just Between Us”.  Mattie fleetingly mentions her step demon, and this year, I’m hoping to write the short story from that step daughter’s point of view which is called “When Rosie met Jim”. And then I’d like to write the short story from Jim’s perspective when he returns to Sydney after being away for quite some time, and crashes on his friend’s couch. For now most of that is in my head, and it’s all I can offer the Jimmy readers.

The not so bad problem about being a writer is that you think you’re ready to start on something and all of a sudden, a whole new bunch of characters jump into your head. That’s what happened a couple of years ago with Bish Ortley and the characters from Shaming the Devil. I’ve handed in a close-to-final edit and you’ll be seeing it in the second half of this year. It’s the first time I’ve completed an edit simultaneously with two different publishers, one in Australia and the other in the US. I’ve loved the experience and have been most fortunate working with the smartest of editors. As you probably know, it’s a crime thriller, but I can’t see it not suiting most of the readership I’ve come to know. My main focus in writing is always the relationships, the characters and the communities they find themselves part of.  For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of lines from the letter sent to me early last year by my Australian publisher, Ben Ball.

…  It’s alternately gripping, moving, challenging, and funny – it feels, somehow, genuine and joyous, despite its darker sections. It feels somehow wholehearted. It’s about family, loss, adolescence, middle-age, old age … it captures an enormous chunk of the world.

On a quick note, the Jellicoe film dream is still alive. New producers came on board last year, who I respect and who truly understand the guts of the novel and the film so fingers crossed that there’s exciting news to tell in 2016. Thankfully, the film script is ready and waiting so my part in the process is over.

Finally, here is the cover for Brazillian Jellicoe.  I think it’s my favourite so far. The artist’s name is Carlo Giovani. I was also sent a photograph on how it was put together – one piece is superimposed on to another.  Have I said enough how much I love a good designer of books.

covercover making of 2

37 thoughts on “A whole lot of Misc to start 2016

  1. melina marchetta Post author

    Hi Lily, Taylor stops breathing during the fire scene. So whatever you believe in, there’s a sense that she sees Webb and Fitz during that time and that she’s in the tree, and when Webb throws her off the tree, she starts breathing again

  2. Lily

    Oh dear I’m probably too late! I just came across this wonderful comments section and have spent longer than I should have reading every word. There are so many hidden details and motifs in your writing, Melina, that I often find myself questioning parts then answering my own questions then theorising and repeating! Will’s tattoo has been one such example (I thought it was a bird but couldn’t figure out which!) One main mystery for me has been: what really does happen to Taylor in Jellicoe during the fire? It’s said she didn’t faint…then what! This has plagued me ever since I was 9 years old and read it for the first time!
    Thank you for the work you put into the world! It is loved so much!

  3. melina marchetta Post author

    Sorry it’s taken me a while to get to these (I promise, it’s because I’ve been writing writing writing)

    Loveatfirstpage, Firstly, Lady Celie. The answer is a yes and a no. She is certainly going to get another story, but the hardest part for me is that I’ve never written a Lumatere story without the inspiration of a specific landscape. I researched the other novels in France, Wales, England, Italy and Turkey). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to travel for two years, but the moment I get to Europe, the Lady Celie story is the priority. I actually know what happens and with this story I get to bring Isaboe back, as well as some of the past events mentioned in Finnikin of the Rock. For example, Sarnak. That has to be addressed, in my opinion, so I’d love to write a novella about it. I also believe there is a story to be told about Jehr in Yutlind. Both these stories should involve Celie, but I’m just trying to work out point of view.

    Asma, Yes I honestly think it will be the last time I revisit the Francesca characters if I write a Jimmy novel. (But no writer says “never”, so don’t quote me on that). Also, it’s actually Will who eats the space between him and Francesca. What I really wanted to say in that Tom and Francesca scene is that we can be attracted or drawn or there can be a chemistry between people, but it doesn’t mean it has to be acted upon.

    Daniella, about Grace’s line to Georgie. I think that Grace has always been so entertained and charmed by her sons Dominic and Joe and for the self-preserved Georgie, it meant she couldn’t compete. So anything negative coming from Grace stays with her. The only comparison I can make is that I can receive ten great reviews for a novel,but it’s the negative review that crushes, or tampers with my insecurities. Georgie remembers the one or two negative things her mother said to her. If we read this novel through Grace’s point of view, she’d probably be saying that she can never say anything right in her daughter’s eyes.

    Alex – What happens to Francois? (Tuba Guy). For me, it was important that not every teen romance ends with a lasting relationship. I do want to write the lasting relationships like Wills and Frankie’s or Tara and Tom’s, but I also want characters like Justine and Siobhan who aren’t going to end up with the first guys they feel in love with. Justine is the type of girl whose ex-boyfriends will end up being friends.

    I’ve loved all your questions and observations and words. Thank you.

  4. Asma

    Hi Ms. Marchetta,

    I just want to start off by thanking you for writing this book. Honestly I hold these characters so close to my heart. I’ve learned a lot from this gang and this story especially is like the book version of comfort food. There is one question I have wanted to ask you since I first read this book. I love that Francesca and Tom have such a strong connection without being involved romantically. In TPS these two reminisce about that time they danced in drama class and Tom leaves right after the conversation because he wants to kiss her for all the wrong reasons. In that chapter it says that it “eats the space between him and Francesca whenever he’s in the room with her”. I was wondering if he felt that way since they met or if it is something that has developed gradually.

    It was wonderful to read your responses in the comment section and learn more about this group. You mentioned that there was a lot more to be revealed about Tom and Tara’s life. Will Jimmy’s story be the last time we revisit this gang?

    Once again thank you for writing The Piper’s Son. I look forward to reading literally anything you write in the future.

    – Asma

  5. Daniella

    Loving the Brazilian cover of Jellicoe!

    Also patiently awaiting ‘Shaming the Devil.’ 🙂 It would make my life to read Jimmy’s book even just to re-visit those characters (it’s all the more intriguing knowing what you’ve thought of so far but just that it exists somewhere in your mind is good enough for me) but I’m sure you know your readers will grab at anything you write! Looking forward to its release!

    I’ve always wondered more about Georgie’s relationship with Grace. From Chapter 20 of TPS, it never seemed to me that Georgie’s outburst was unjustified, that it wasn’t just because of her pregnancy and that Grace just treated her differently than the rest. If it’s not too much to ask, can you say more about their relationship, and what Grace meant at the end of the chapter when she said, ” Oh, you’re a cruel girl, Georgie, to remember that over everything else.”

  6. Alex

    Ahhh so excited, new blog posts! 🙂 My question is – what ever happened to Francois? 😉

  7. oblyviate

    I’m happy to hear that Jimmy is visiting in your head, I hope he deals okay with having a child – and I hope he is okay in general. Looking forward for more on that four-person story. Thats what I love most with TPS, seeing the family and all these relationships at so many levels. Must take some time to work it all out.
    And really looking forward to the new book in September!

  8. melina marchetta Post author

    Nadia, No to the Alibrandi characters appearing in my other work. They haven’t and they probably won’t. I think it’s because there is such a length of time between Alibrandi and my other books (it was published in the 20th century, the rest of my work in the 21st).
    Also, I think it was very ambitious of you to do a Jellicoe trailer and if it’s worth anything, I thought the final product of the novel was good at the time it came out, but many people said it was way too confusing so we’ve had the same Jellicoe experience.

    Bethany, Will has a hawk tattoo, inspired by the film Lady Hawk. Hawk’s mate for life.
    (Ihope I haven’t left out anyone’s questions)

  9. Bethany

    Hi Melina!
    I have been reading and re reading your books for years now and every time I begin again I honestly feel like I’m catching up with my loved ones that I haven’t seen in awhile. I know that probably sounds strange, but there’s something about the characters and the story that engrosses me every time. Seeing this post inspired me to catch up the SF and TPS crew and read the books again.
    My question is, what exactly does Will have tattooed on his arm?
    I cannot thank you enough for the comfort and joy your books have given my the over years.

  10. Nadia

    I read Jellicoe Road for an English reading assignment and I have to say it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in English class. We had to create a movie trailer for it and I had such a hard time because it was so hard showing the best points from the story and yet not giving away anything too big from the plot. I thought my final product was great but my teacher said it was too confusing. I had to point out to her that if she had read it she would have understood it was nearly impossible to pack such an intricate plot into two minutes of action shots and big bold captions. I think I definitely deserved the grade I ended up with.

    I have been obsessed with your writing and have been forcing it on my friends because I need people to vent about it to. I found Jellicoe Road so good, I physically had to distance myself from the book immediately after finishing it because I was worried I would read it again too soon and ruin the magical world the book had created for me. I immediately took to the internet to find any more books written by you and I was so happy to discover Alibrandi, SF and TPS. Then I found this blog and immediately started hyperventilating when I realized the connection between Ben and the Mullet brothers and the violin boy Justine had a crush on and his band mates. How could I have missed that!!?? I guess that’s what reading too fast does for ya.

    Anyway, now that I’ve stopped gushing, I have a question for you. Obviously the characters in your books tend to cross over into the other stories you’ve written, and I was wondering if there were any characters from Alibrandi that were going to show up in your new book, or if they had already showed up in SF, TPS, or Jellicoe and I had just missed it? 😦

    Thanks so much, keep doing amazing things, you are a truly superb writer.

  11. melina marchetta Post author

    Hi Rebecca (regarding scriptwriting question)
    My rule these days is not to attempt a film script without writing a film treatment which is pretty much a very detailed document telling what the script is about from the very first scene to the last. (It’s not a summary of what the novel is about because most times in adaption you have to completely re-work the structure). I used to hate doing treatments and sort of still do, but I know that some of the holes in my story are picked up by working out what’s happening in consecutive order. It also gives an opportunity to move around scenes. After that, and still before I begin writing the script, I do a scene breakdown, which means it’s still set out like a script (INT. CLASSROOM – DAY) but the rest is paraphased. Once again, it’s a step closer to getting structured writing and working out what needs to be thrown out or what’s missing.

    Something I’m always told is to work out at the beginning what your character wants and what they need (most times different things). So usually, the story begins with what they want and ends with what they need. If you haven’t worked that out at the beginning, you’ll probably be all over the place for a a while.

    Sophie, no plans for heading to Perth for a while, but of course if I was there, I’d sign any of the novels.

    Tina, I had no idea I was going to write Tom’s story when I finished Saving Francesca, and for that reason didn’t have to speak about the other character’s siblings (I think Tara is an only child and Justine has brothers and Jimmy has half siblings and Siobhan is probably also an only child). So, yes I introduced Anabel for the purpose of The Piper’s Son.

  12. Tina

    Hi Melina!

    I absolutely adore your books and I have to say that The Lumatere Chronicles is one of my all-time favourite series. So, here’s my question: Having a younger sister myself, I really appreciated and enjoyed the relationship between Tom and Annabel (in fact, I love every sibling relationship you’ve ever written) – but I was just curious, since I don’t recall there being any mention of Annabel in Saving Francesca, was she a character you created just for The Piper’s Son?


  13. sophieethnegrace

    Do you have any appearance plans? I would have loved to have seen you at the Perth Writers Festival! And if you do do promo for the new novel (so excited), will you be offended if I show up with Saving Francesca to get it signed?

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  15. thereseastrom

    I read this, not having read The Piper’s Son. Had it on my bookshelf though, saving it because I loved Saving Francesca so so much… Just finished TPS and I just want to say a million thanks for not kicking Tom out of your head. I love it!

  16. Karissa

    I love Francesca gang and Frankie and Jimmy are my faves. I find Jimmy with the Spinellis scenes in SF touching, dont know why but I’m very happy that Jim and Tom also share that connection in TPS.
    So excited for Shaming the Devil. I would rob a bank for a Jimmy Hailler story. Hoping for the best!

  17. Rebecca (@readingwishes)

    What advice do you have to someone interested in screenwriting? I don’t really write in general and when I attempted to start working on an idea I had a few years ago, I got nowhere. There were plot holes galore, I had no idea where to begin and I kept going in circles. Having some experience with adapting your books, what would you suggest? Where does a beginner start? Thanks for the updates and have a brilliant 2016.

  18. melina marchetta Post author

    I’ll answer your questions together because some of them are similar or linked.

    I suppose I can only answer questions about where the characters are or what they are doing if their paths were insinuated in the novel or are part of anything I plan to write. I think the beauty of leaving a story with the loose ends is that it gives the reader a chance to go their own way with conclusions.

    So in saying that, the ending of TPS with Dom and Jacinta exchanging love letters suggests they aren’t finished as a couple. In the story I want to write about Jimmy, Tom’s family lives close by, although the Mackees don’t really feature in it except in mentions. They are a daily part of Tom’s life which Tara has to contend with. I do believe there is so much more to be revealed about Tom and Tara’s life, but I can only do that oneday, seen through Jimmy’s eyes.

    Siobhan would be part of that story as well, but the only insight I’ve received about her is that she seems more sophisticated than the others, having been the only one of them who has lived in London for years. And if I’ve ever recorded any dialogue between her and Jimmy it’s been about her father and how they’ve travelled together through Europe. It’s one of the surprises for her. That she has a great relationship with him in a way that she never had as a teenager. I got that sense from the email she writes Tom in TPS when she refers to having a texting relationship with her father. By the way, there will never be a romantic relationship between Siobhan and Jimmy.

    Not much got thrown out with Tara. It was sort of all there in TPS. Sometimes I wanted to write the scene from her point of view when she’s back in Sydney for holidays during Tom’s dark days and he looks right through her in the pub, but I decided that less is more. When writing TPS I knew that when the three men returned with Tom Finch’s body, everyone would be there at the airbase, including Tara, Jacinta and Anabel. I knew Tom would meet up with Jimmy in Walgatt to help build the community centre, and that Tom would then go to Timor. My decision not to include those scenes had to do with where I wanted this story to end. On that plane with those three men together.

    And yes, there are a few parallels between TPS and the new novel. I had to write The Piper’s Son so I could write Shaming the Devil. What took place in TPS ruined the lives of the bomb victims’ family. In Shaming the Devil an incident from thirteen years ago also ruins the lives of the family of the person responsible for a bombing. There’s a tiny moment in the new novel’s prologue that could easily be Joe Mackee off to work, moments before his death. So I don’t think that Joe’s death inspired me with Shaming the Devil, but it gave me an opportunity to take things a step further and explore the impact on a family and community, regardless of who they are related to.

    Santangelo’s reaction to the stealing of the car? All I know is what’s suggested in the novel. That Taylor and Raffy are hassling Ben about the accordion girl as much as Frankie and Ned are hassling Justine about Ben the Violinist. But knowing the Santangelo I wrote in Jellicoe, he’d go off at them and then he’d get over it. I can’t imagine it would be the first time the Mullet Brothers would have done that to Santangelo.

    With regards to technology and the Francesca gang, I’m sort of glad it was set back when it was (2003 for Francesca, 2007 for TPS). We recently received funding from Screen Australia for me to write the filmscript of Saving Francesca (don’t ask any questions for at least five years because a script being written doesn’t mean a film will be made. But it’s a step forward). Next week we have the first script meeting and one of the big decisions will be whether to set it in 2003 or 2016. Technology will have to play an important part in it if it’s set in 2016 and in a way I hope it isn’t. But if I had to think of the way they communicate, I’d go by the way I communicate with my friends. Texts. Phone calls. Meeting in person. They all live within a two mile radius of each. It’s not about what suits a particular age group. It’s about what suits a particular group of characters. I just couldn’t imagine Tom social networking.

    And Tara wasn’t making up stories. The Brazillian peacekeeper was gorgeous. I think that his six pack is the last Tara will ever see in her life.

  19. Karla Urrutia

    Hi Melina!! Thank u for writing this awesome stories ❤ you are my favorite author ever. I wish here in my country sell your your books, but they dont 😦 i live in Chile btw.

    i Love you, i can't wait for Shaming the Devil !!!!!1

  20. bronmarie

    I’d also like to know more about Tara! In fact, more about Tom and Tara, I think they are my favourite literary couple ever! They just feel so real. Also, were Dom and Jacinta okay? It’d be great know about what happens immediately after the end of TPS. Like did Tom and Dom manage to repair their relationship a little bit?
    Finally, thank you so so much for writing these amazing books, any book that comes out is going to be great, whether it’s a Jimmy novel or not.

  21. Katie

    Also, was the Brazilian Peacekeeper as perfect as Tara claimed (six-pack and all) or did she make it up to make Tom jealous?

  22. vitaf15

    I love the Jellicoe cover – so fragile and beautiful, and Melina, you are up in the tree like Webb! Re TPS, does Dom keep his act together so Jacinta and Annabel return to Sydney? I hope so… Also did the manner of Joe’s death inspire you with your new novel? It sounds like there might be some parallels.
    Thanks for the fabulous books, they are a constant source of nourishment. PS – my daughter is currently devouring The Lumatere Chronicles, coming up occasionally for food and drink. She loves them too!

  23. Daniella

    Please could you tell us more about Tara Finke? I loved her character in Saving Francesca and the flashbacks and her email email exchanges with Tom in TPS, and I’ve always wanted more. Did Tom end up meeting her in Timor?

    Also wanted to mention how much I love the way you write families, as I come from a very close (and quite small) Italian family, and a rather large English family, and I can see snippets of my family life spread across all of your novels.

    I’m so excited for Shaming the Devil, September can’t come soon enough!

  24. Katie

    Hi Melina, I love the nods to Jellicoe that we get while reading The Piper’s Son! I was wondering though, what does Chaz do when/if he discovered that Ben and his band mates stole his car?

    Also, does Luca and Anabel ever start dating? They were so cute even though we never see them together!

  25. Carla

    one of my favourite parts of TPS are the email exchanges…and i’ve always wondered if st sebastian crew email each other regularly? I like to think they’re all in one giant group chat, sharing little stories from their days.

    also, if you could share any unknown facts about Tara Finke that aren’t in the text it would be most appreciated 🙂

    the new jellicoe cover is devastatingly beautiful and i’m beyond chuffed to hear the film dream is still alive and kicking.

  26. miatrix

    I’m so happy to now that jellicoe will be finally published here! I can hardly wait to buy my copy and to make all my friends buy it too. This publisher is one of the best, so I have faith the translation will be good 🙂

    Anyway, I kind of memorized almost all your books by now (heh, not kidding), so this is not really a question, but… I just hope all those lovely characters are ok. Specially Siobhan. Is she in London Still? Will she ever come back? IS SHE OK?

    I also hope your are ok, and happy and loved and many other things. Thank you for everything you wrote and shared.

  27. melina marchetta Post author

    Rachel, Alex the Mullet was named for the purpose of Ned the Cook in The Piper’s Son, so I figure that his twin will reveal to me his name, once I find him a love interest. I’ve said over and over again that I never think of audience when it comes to writing my novels, but when I wrote that scene in The Piper’s Son it was sort of a secret thank you to my Jellicoe readers whose response to the novel has been so profound.

    Tiffany, No connection between The Blower’s Daughter and The Piper’s Son, which makes me feel stupid for not even noticing. I could have capitalized on the Daugher/Son thing. It’s funny that you bring it up because I went down the coast for New Years and sorted out my playlists so I wouldn’t have to listen to music for 4 year olds in the car, and I came across the song. Just listening to it brought back to me the Tom and Tara relationship, which I so enjoyed writing. (I shouldn’t go on about the possible Jimmy novel because I may never ever write it, but I do know that he sleeps on the couch in the home of Tom, Tara and Mohsin the Ignorer).

    Thank you, Jackie. My planning is really about getting to know my characters and their relationships in my head before I commit them to paper. The Piper’s Son is actually a good example because I didn’t trust Tom when he first came back to me. I didn’t trust I could write him so I listened to a whole lot of conversations between him and the others, in my head. He spoke to Frankie the most and a lot of their dialogue didn’t go into the novel, but I needed to hear it, to be able to work out who he was as a twenty one year old, and what his relationships were all about. It’s also about decision making. In Saving Francesca there’s a scene where Francesca and Luca are crying at the back of the library, and for a moment I thought it would be Will Trombal, the love interest, who comes across them. But then I thought, why don’t I let that creep Thomas Mackee come across them, and of course there was no turning back after that. Thomas became more than just an antagonist. Ultimately, of course, it’s about the re-writes. I know everything about my characters. Their every single secret. Their backstory. Their fears. And most of what I know about them doesn’t get written, but I’d like to think it’s all there in the characterization or in a single piece of dialogue or in their actions. That’s the only way I can explain it.

    Jacqueline, I loved writing Georgie and Sam’s story. It was a difficult one to write, not emotionally, but because I had to really find a way to sell it to readers who wanted something more romantically traditional about two people getting back together. In the past, Sam, I think, would have reeked of being dissatisfied with his life. Georgie was really the only one who knew it comes from the sort of work he was doing, but others, like Leonie, would have seen it as Sam being dissatisfied with the life he was having with Georgie, which is what she means when they meet at the supermarket. “It was never to best you” is sort of a way of saying, “It wasn’t personal. I thought it was over between you two”. Who knows whether she’s to be believed, but I didn’t want to make Leonie the villain.

  28. Meg

    Thanks for the news post – great to hear all that. Looking forward to reading the new novel in September. And the Jimmy Hailler novel whenever it is ready to be written 🙂

  29. Jacqueline

    Hi Melina, I love your books and I’m really looking forward to the new one, as well as the Jellicoe movie. The Piper’s Son is probably my favourite and Georgie and Sam’s story, in particular, is writing I return to again and again when I want to read something intense, meaningful and satisfying. Ok, enough gushing. I hope it’s ok to ask this question: when Georgie runs into the suit at the supermarket, Leonie says, “I thought he was looking for someone different, back then. Not something different. It was never to best you.” Could you please elaborate on this a little, as I’m undecided on what Leonie meant and I’d loved to know more? Thanks for the opportunity to ask the question.

  30. Jackie Lea Sommers

    Melina, you’re my queen. I’m a YA author whose debut novel just came out last fall. Now I’m working on my second novel, and it’s kicking my ass because I keep comparing it to everything you’ve written. So my question about The Piper’s Son is actually more about the process of writing it. It’s clear that you always focus on characters, relationships, and family– but do you have any tips for how to do that especially well? Do you do a lot of planning, or do you just dive in and see what comes up? Basically: how can I better mimic your writing process?

    Thank you for giving me books that I cherish.

  31. Tiffany

    September!!! I keep telling people I am doomed to love all literary Jimmys, so I am most intrigued by the double dose of Jimmys in Shaming the Devil. I’m really excited that you’re working with both an Australian and US publisher. I didn’t even let myself think about what would happen if I had to wait for it to be released in the United Staes.

    Second, YES SHORT STORIES FROM ROSE AND JIMMY!!! Jimmy’s accidental procreation!!! I can’t even process this right now & will have to dwell on it later…

    I second Rachel’s question about Mullet Brother #2.

    Here’s mine… When Frankie, Siobhan, and Justine are putting together a mix tape for their friends, they say Tara Finke’s song is The Blower’s Daughter. Is there meant to be a connection between The Blower’s Daughter and The Piper’s Son?

  32. thetometravellers

    Hi Melina! I can’t *wait* for Shaming The Devil, so excited for September!

    My question about The Piper’s Son is a bit weird, but ever since I re-read it in October of last year, I’ve been dying to know what the other Mullet Brother’s name is?
    – Rachel
    P.S the Brazillian cover of Jellicoe is so pretty. I think I might have to buy it despite the fact I won’t be able to read it. 😊

  33. nathybozo

    I can’t believe Jellicoe is being published here in Brazil, I’m so excited! I plan to buy tons of books to give them as gifts and hopefully they’ll publish your other books here!!!

  34. Ari

    Oh, my.. the Brazillian Jellicoe is stunning! I love the idea! In fact, I want a copy even though I don’t know the language, LOL. As for the movie, dear producers please hurry up! You are killing us with this waiting!

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