28th October 2015: The Newtown Festival and Tom Mackee

For Sydney people, I will be speaking alongside Justine Larbalestier, Erin Gough and Margo Lanagan at the Newtown Festival.  Below are details about the writer’s tent activities.

When:  Sunday November 8th

Where:  Newtown Festival, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

What time: 2pm


For those familiar with The Piper’s Son, Camperdown is where we encounter Tom in Chapter One, stumbling out of hospital.  It’s inner-west Mackee territory, part of the grid he won’t step out of.  The paperback edition of The Piper’s Son is coming out early next year and just looking at the revised cover choked me a bit with a very bittersweet nostalgia. I think it ties with Saving Francesca, as my favourite.  Don’t quote me because I’ll contradict that next time I blog and choose The Lumatere Chronicles or Jellicoe, but Tom, Frankie and the gang are the most real to me.

Thank you, as always, to the designer Marina Messiha who always does something a bit special with the covers.

TPSON_B format_FCA

3 thoughts on “28th October 2015: The Newtown Festival and Tom Mackee

  1. Iza

    One of my favorite cover. I hope SF has a new cover too as beautiful as this.

  2. vitaf15

    I love this book too – I’ve actually just finishing rereading it for the umpteenth time. It is so poignant and nourishing. Thanks Melina for your fabulous characters!

  3. Lucia

    The Piper’s Son is one of my favorites too, along with Jellicoe Road. I recently reread TPS and got extremely excited when I noticed the JR cameo in it.

    Melina, have you thought of going to BEA? I will be going next year, all the way from Panama, and I would die of happiness if you were to go. I know you’re releasing a new book soon(ish), so I hope you will consider the possibility of going.

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