Jonah Griggs’ favourite Footy team has made the Grand Finals

In honour of South Sydney making the NRL finals for the first time since 1971 (I shouted myself hoarse on Friday night at a pub in Jonah Griggs’ territory) I thought I’d share mention of them in my work.

They are a true working class underdog’s footy team. My friends, Ben and Patrick, who came along on the Jellicoe research road trip back in 2005 are so fanatical that we’re not allowed to reference the colours as merely red and green, but cardinal red and myrtle green.



On the Jellicoe Road (the novel) Taylor’s discussing one of the few times Jonah Griggs is out of Cadet uniform.

He’s wearing boxer shorts and a long-sleeved South Sydney football T-Shirt)


(On the Jellicoe Road the filmscript – Cadet laundry day

Unless you can identify his bloody underwear, we haven’t got a hope of knowing where his tent is.

Red and green, third from the left, sixth row….Know thy enemy. He’s a Rabbitoh’s supporter.


Tom Mackee to Mohsin the Ignorer  in The PIper’s Son

So what. We lost a few games, Big deal.  Souths have been losing game after game for years and their fans don’t give up on them.”

5 thoughts on “Jonah Griggs’ favourite Footy team has made the Grand Finals

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  2. Kate

    This entry made me smile. I too am a Rabbitohs fanatic and yes, we are all very excited! It will definitely be a busy week! Thank you for adding to the joy. =)

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