22nd September 2014: Misc

I do love a High Tea, so am looking forwarding to being the guest of honour at this event at Better Read Than Dead in Newtown.

When: 15th November 2014 at 3pm.  Bookings essential. Below is the link.


Also, The Lumatere Chronicles have been re-jacketed in Australia. Very exciting because Froi and Quintana will be coming out in paperback. I’m loving a short haired Quintana. They will be out in late January 2015, although I think Finnikin will be making his appearance this year.

Don’t hold me to it, but I’ve recently had a bit of a re-read of the novels because apparently Lady Celie of the Flatllands thinks she knows where Jehr of Yutlind Sud is.  So perhaps another story. What I’m hoping is that one day I will have four separate but linked stories featuring Lady Celie and Banyon, all in one volume. The first one, Ferragost, appeared here: http://reviewofaustralianfiction.com/issues/volume-3-issue/

Finnikin FCA_SAMSFroi FCA_SAMS Quintana FCA_SAMS

9 thoughts on “22nd September 2014: Misc

  1. Anon

    Hi Melina
    The last post in regards to the lady celie novella 35, the one after ferragost is this one. I was just wondering when would it be released, because frankly I can’t wait to see what happens next since I love this series so much. So could you maybe, I don’t know… maybe post a small update on when it will be released?

  2. Carolyn

    More in the Lumatere chronicles would be wonderful, but please…! – a book, not a short story. There are so many characters waiting to be known a little better, including Jehr.

  3. Lina G (@FromtheVerge)

    Mhhhh I want to *hold you to it* more short stories! Books! Finnikin… ANYTHING 😉
    And I wish I where any place closer to Australia so I could go to the event!

    I love the new covers!!!

  4. sarah

    I am very fond of the Lumatere covers I have, but these are marvellous and really capture the mood of the stories. I hope you mean it about more Celie stories! That would be wonderful.

  5. lovingrob

    OH! They are goooorgeous. ❤ I need them. Though a bit expensive to get to Norway, I think, but will be worth it. ❤

  6. Laura

    It says the high tea is YA does that mean it’s for under 18s only? I would be pretty keen to go if otherwise.

  7. Lucia

    Are they going to be rereleased only in paperback? And btw, pleaaseee write more books!

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