21 March 2012: A Quintana of Charyn sneak peak

Quintana of Charyn will be released in the US in April so here’s a preview of some of what’s to come.  Warning:  Do not continue if you haven’t read Froi of the Exiles. (You’ll be very cranky at yourself and me)

‘Is that what you do with your people?’ Lucian snapped. ‘Do
you sit around and ridicule me? Call me an animal? Tell them I
can’t pleasure my own wife?’
Phaedra looked away, shamed again.
‘I said no such thing.’
‘Then what did you say?’
‘Not the truth,’ she cried. ‘I didn’t tell them the worst parts.
That when we mated you didn’t look at me. You didn’t say a
word. Not once. And then you discarded me and lay with your
Mont girls. So I’d have to hear the women in your village speak
of how the Charynite girl was useless in all things.’
He pointed a finger at her face. ‘I don’t break bonds! I lay
with no woman until you left. You. All this talk of the wife I
sent back when it was your tears that begged me to send you
back. Preferring to live in those filthy caves rather than share my
home . . . my bed. Because I’m some animal.’
She stared at him through hot tears.
‘That’s not what I –’
‘And then you came back and I thought things were different.’
Lucian walked away, but then swung back around and she
could see the hurt in his eyes.
‘I grieved for you,’ he blurted out, as if it was the last thing he
wanted to admit. And Phaedra stepped back from him, frightened
by the emotion of his words

2 thoughts on “21 March 2012: A Quintana of Charyn sneak peak

  1. Emily R.

    Wow! The relationship between Lucian and Phaedra intrigued me even more than the relationship between Froi and Quintanna! I’m so excited to pick this book up…and spend all day devouring it.

  2. toribg

    Ahh!! I just got even more excited for the book after reading this. I can’t wait to see what happens with Lucian and Phaedra; their relationship was one of my favorite parts of Froi of the Exiles. Thank you so much for posting!

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