Lady Celie of the Flatlands

I posted on my previous website last August about the Lady Celie e-short story Ferragost which belongs to the world of The Lumatere Chronicles. For anyone who doesn’t know about Ferragost (my mother!!) it’s a 15,000 short story that takes place at the same time as Quintana of CharynFerragost is a stand alone story, although what Lady Celie gets up to in Belegonia is mentioned more than once in Quintana of Charyn because Celie helps solve a crucial Quintana story strand. Don’t worry, If you haven’t read Quintana of Charyn yet, Ferragost gives nothing away.  If you’re searching for something to read about this world before Quintana of Charyn is released overseas, or if you’ve never read any of my fantasy work, Ferragost may work for you.

Here’s where you can buy Ferragost as well as Kirsty Eagar’s Molasses.

Lady Celie – Number Two

I’ll be working on another Lady Celie and Banyon mystery this year and am hoping to have it online by July.  The Lady Celie short stories allow me to indulge in my love for crime and mystery and location and politics and romance, of course, and best of all, I get to include in the next one, beloved cameos and incidents that have been vaguely referred to in the first three novels.

I have a feeling that the next instalment will have Castellan Banyon’s point of view. There’s a line in Ferragost where Celie questions what goes on in his head and Banyon’s response is, “I don’t allow people inside my head, Lady Celie. The moment I do, it will be a weakness and I don’t have time for those in my life.’  Well anyone who’s read Ferragost, knows that I ended the short story with the reader getting inside Banyon’s head so I suppose, in a way, the dam has burst and I have dual narrators.

So here is my first attempt at a synopsis of the next Lady Celie and Banyon story.

A disgruntled Castellan Valentien Banyon is called to the Belegonian capital as a favour to the King to solve a crime.  A  gold necklace heirloom, that for centuries every Princess of Belegonia has worn on her 16th birthday, has gone missing. The King is determined to find the thief to appease his Queen and daughters.

Castellan Banyon’s irritation quickly turns to intrigue when he discovers that at the same time of the robbery, Belegonia’s secret prisoner disappeared from the palace dungeons…and that coincidentally, Lady Celina May of the Lumateran Flatlands arrived at the palace on the very same night.

15 thoughts on “Lady Celie of the Flatlands

  1. Emily

    I was wondering if there were any new updates on when this might be available. I’m dying to read it.

  2. Laura

    I am so revived as well that you can’t let this story go. I can only hope that instead of short stories and vignettes you will make this mystery, crime, love affair into a full novel. I don’t really want the world of the Lumatere to end…

  3. Wendy

    I hope this becomes a thing… a nagging thing in your head that you won’t be able to ignore until there is a new series. 🙂 One can hope, right?

  4. Heather

    I discovered Finnikin at my public library….devoured it this weekend….I bought your short story and Froi…now I can hardly wait for more Banyon and Lady Celie…and for release of your third Lumatere book in Canada. I read a lot as a librarian and teacher of teachers… has been awhile since finding such an addictive series that deftly deals with content rich in human condition, challenge and love. Amazing!

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  6. Ari

    I see that you can’t let this story go either (I still go back to it and read my favorite scenes every now and then). And you don’t know how happy this is making me ;))

  7. Radka

    Fantastic news! The plot sounds intriguing and I can’t wait to find out what’s going on in Banyon’s head!

  8. zainpire

    This is so exciting! I really enjoyed reading Ferragost and look forward to the next instalment. I know that I’ll love it because I love everything that you write.

  9. readermeg

    Very excited about the next Lady Celie story. I loved the first one. And I would definitely like to know more about Banyon.

  10. sarah

    So exciting, I loved the first Lady Celie story – but then, I love everything you write. As does my daughter. Also the several people who finally gave in to my nagging and picked up one or more of your books.

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