5th February 2013: Events, Treats and News


For Sydney people, I will be speaking at the Speculative Fiction Festival hosted by the very talented and lovely Kate Forsyth at the NSW Writer’s Centre on Saturday 16th March alongside  some pretty fancy company indeed.

Juliet Marillier, Ian Irvine, Marienne de Pierres, Alison Croggon, Richard Harland,  Lisa Hannett, Garth Nix, John Flanagan, Cat Sparks, Kim Wilkins, Sophie Masson, Russell Farr, Dionne Lister, Pamela Freeman, Belinda Murrell, Ben Chandler, Kate Forsyth,  Robert Hood, Jason Nahrung, Kirstyn McDermott, Angela Slatter and Dirk Strasser.

All the details are here: http://www.nswwc.org.au/products-page/speculative-fiction/speculative-fiction-festival-2013/


I’ve also received a few foreign and US advance reading copies of some of the novels, so I’m willing to depart with one or two of them.  The best thing to do is send me an email at finnikin(at)gmail.com and I’m going to do what I did the last time and get the genius of an 11-year-old and 9-year-old to work out who wins. So please limit your emails to four or five lines explaining why you should be the one.  I’ve made a little stipulation about what country particular novels can go to, for example, someone in Australia won’t need an ARC of Quintana because it’s out here, and someone living in Spain won’t need Froi del Exilio because they can easily get it there, whereas a Spanish speaking person living elsewhere may want a copy (a bit too much information, but you get the drift). I’ll run it until Saturday 6pm Sydney time.

The books on offer are:

  • A US advance reading copy of Quintana of Charyn (for anyone outside Australia)
  • A US paperback of Froi of the Exiles WHICH WILL BE RELEASED IN THE US NEXT WEEK (for anyone living in Australia or New Zealand).
  • A Spanish copy of Froi del Exilio  – (for anyone living outside Spain)
  • A Swedish copy of Jellicoe Road  – (for anyone living outside Sweden)
  • A Korean copy of On the Jellicoe Road (for anyone living outside Korea)
  • A Korean copy of Looking For Alibrandi (for anyone living outside Korea)


Quintana of Charyn will be released in the US in April and I’ve woken up twice in the last week to emails from my US editor, Deb Noyes forwarding on some of these wonderful reviews coming in.

Readers will have a hard time forgetting the complex, deeply human characters that populate this multifaceted narrative.

(Kirkus starred review)

One of the hallmarks of this series has been the complexity and attention Marchetta gives to both primary and secondary characters, creating a richly human cast of damaged but noble individuals;

(PW starred review)

Also, On the Jellicoe Road is going to be translated into Danish.  I’m a bit in love with those Scandinavian countries at the moment.

4 thoughts on “5th February 2013: Events, Treats and News

  1. Nisma

    Um, question. I know this is picky, but what cover does the US Froi have? I have 2 matching of the chronicles, and my perfectionist side means the middle one has to have the same one if I happen to get it…

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