23rd October 2012: Spoiler Quintana stuff – The minor characters

If you haven’t read Quintana of Charyn, do not read on beyond the bold print. Somewhere down the track I’ll work out how to hide certain posts, but for now I have no idea.  I’m putting two of my versions of once minor character, Perri the Savage, to split the page (Michael Fassbender and Mark Strong).

The minor characters of this trilogy have played the biggest roles in some of the crucial moments in the novel, especially Rafuel, Dorcas and even Olivier.  Rafuel’s story strand was the last to be completed and I think there is a draft out there where he is either dead or he doesn’t get found.  In all probability he should have died but I kept on going back to the priests of Trists who sent out eight scholars and I couldn’t bear for all of them to be lost to Charyn.  So I made sure Rafuel lived, although it may have made literary sense for him to die.  But haven’t I killed enough people with a keyboard?

Once I had decided on his fate, in my head Rafuel’s story was to conclude in the following way.  After the battle in the valley at the end of Part two, Lucian and Perri, desperate to find out what happened to Rafuel out of guilt of having kept him in the valley, managed to capture one of Donashe’s men for interrogation.  In the following weeks, the Priests of Trists were threatening war if the Lumaterans didn’t hand the prisoner over. They were just as desperate to get Rafuel back and find out how Rothen and their lads died.  So when I decided that Rafuel would live, my first plan was that Lucian and Perri would find out where Rafuel was being kept, take Froi and Harker with them, and find a half-dead Rafuel. But I scraped that plan because it’s never a good idea to introduce a whole new subplot in Part 3 when everything really should have been leaning towards the conclusion of Froi and Quintana’s journey.

I tend to have a strong connection to my minor characters (think Lady Celie and Ferragost).  I don’t think they are big enough for a novel, but one day I want to write about some of them. Perhaps Olivier.  Believe it or not, I also want to write about the poor Osterian arch duke’s daughter who is destined to marry Feliciano. What happens when you belong to the most boring kingdom in the land and you’re betrothed to someone with bad dress sense? I actually think there’s  more to Feliciano than he even knows.

And then of course there’s Jehr of Yutlind Sud.  I know it may have seemed as if that strand of the story went nowhere, but there’s a reason for everything.  It was a little marker for me, a reminder that there are other stories out there.  What’s happened to Jehr?  How doe he combine a kingdom that’s been broken in half for thousands upon thousands of years. Will there be a main player in Yutlind Nord? I have no idea, but who knows.

But my favourite minor character is Dorcas.  I think I knew from the moment I wrote the line from Gargarin back in FofExiles, that he didn’t want to die at the hands of someone like Dorcas who only knew how to follow orders, I was intrigued.  I always knew that Dorcas would kill Bestiano.  It may have seemed right for Froi to do it, but that would have been too predictable.  I thought it made more sense for Froi to kill Donashe. It’s actually part of his bond. Donashe brought danger to Lumatere and Froi always vowed he’d kill anyone who did that.

More importantly, I didn’t want Froi being the conquering hero who murders the man who raped the girl he loved.What happened to Quintana at the hands of Bestiano was never there so I could create a scenario to make a hero out of Froi and have him save the day.  I wanted Dorcas to kill Bestiano, because Dorcas was one of many men who stood by and allowed Quintana’s misery to happen. Dorcas kills Bestiano out of the despair of bidding to the will of a man he trusted and if Bastion deserved to die at the hands of anyone, it was to be one of the men who followed his base orders with regret.

9 thoughts on “23rd October 2012: Spoiler Quintana stuff – The minor characters

  1. Mara

    YES!!! please, please, please never stop writing these characters! I have found an all time favorite series in your books and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear more about anyone from Skuldenor.
    Also, just sayin’, the Jher side plot has been driving me crazy since I read it. I NEED to know what happened to him!
    I can never thank you enough for putting this series to paper!

  2. nupuroo

    I am so desperate to hear what happened to Jehr, more than any other minor character. From that first mention of his disappearance, I found myself hoping that you will one day write his story as well. *fingers crossed*
    You have a lovely way of making minor characters real, complex people, even in the small glimpses of their lives we get to see.

  3. Fabienne

    I love all of your minor characters – even the bad ones.
    I hope you will write many, many more stories about the Skuldenore people. And I know this is just a silly wish of my own but he hope you will write another book about the little king. I can’t let go of these wonderful characters you created and I am curious about how he will become when he grows up. If they succeed and create a wonderful, honest king 🙂

  4. melina marchetta Post author

    You know, I think deep down even when it comes to films and awards, I love the supporting actor/actress nominations more so perhaps it comes from there.

    Yes, and Mr Fassbender’s performances are the perfect combination of someone so terrifyingly cold or ruthless and still so empathetic. I still haven’t got over him in fishtank.

  5. Rosette

    What’s a story without the minors? They’re as important as the mains!

    What i love most is that you don’t even know the future of these characters, as the author. I love that its a mystery to all!

  6. Dani

    I’m actually beyond excited about the possibility of hearing these characters’ stories, especially Jehr, Celie and Feliciano! (Aaaand just about every other minor character you’ve ever written)

  7. Nana



    Fassy as Perry the Savage?!
    You kill me MM..
    ..you truly do!

    (as if I didn’t love him enough already as he is without the visual! *tsk*)


    Jher, Feliciano, Olivier, Tesadora, Celie, Perri, Dorcas, Banyon (etc..) every time I read one of your stories, I find among these “minor”, some of my favourite characters ever. Inspiring, human, broken, beautiful people your “minor”.


  8. Beth Thorne (@bethorne)

    Part of what makes these novels such decadent treats to read IS the richness you give the tertiary characters. They aren’t just a name thrown to the page for the moment. Reading “Dorcas” creates immediate emotions that stem from his actions (and inaction) in FotE, so seeing him murder Bestiano is even more satisfying because it triggers a new understanding of the human condition, and isn’t just a plot point. And now that I’ve over-referred to your novels like dessert plates, I’ll stop.

  9. danielle

    I would love to read any and all future stories connected to this series! I was hoping book three wouldn’t be the end because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these characters and their world. I hope there’s room to finish Celie’s story – I need to know if her and her Mr. Banyon find their happy end. 🙂

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